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Smash The Supplier (Amarr Empire), Level 4

Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal/Kinetic (where indicated)
Extras: Tracking disruption
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal
Recommended ships: Battleship

Single Pocket

3 Frigates (Imperial Sixtus)
6 Frigates (Imperial Bahir/Imperial Templar Forian) (Tracking Disruption)
4 Elite Frigates (Divine Imperial Bahir/Divine Imperial Napat (Web/Scram/Tracking Disruption)
4 Elite Frigates (Divine Imperial Valok/Divine Imperial Paladin (Web/Scram)

6 Cruisers (Imperial Muzakir)
4 Cruisers (Imperial Tamir) (NOS)
3 Cruisers (Imperial Agatho) (Tracking Disruption)
7 Elite Cruisers (Imperial Templar Mathura/Imperial Templar Donus/Inperial Templar Agatho)

8 Battleships (Imperial Bataivah/Imperial Tanakh)
4 Battleships (Imperial Ultara) (Heavy Kinetic Damage)
2 Battleships (Imperial Dominator/Imperial Martyr) (Heavy Kinetic Damage/NOS)
4 Elite Battleships (Imperial Templar Dominator/Imperial Templar Martyr) (Heavy Kinetic Damage)
2 Elite Battleships (Imperial Templar Judgement)

3 Industrial Ships (Imperial Industrial)

You have to destroy the control tower to finish the mission. The 3 enemy shipyards automatically explode when you destroy the tower.

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